Appointment Setting

No matter what business you are in, our Appointment setting service can facilitate to grow your company through increased profitable sales. There is no need to worry about getting pass to gate keepers or talking to right decision makers, all you have to do is make sales. You are guaranteed to receive timely appointments for your staff to close.
In the business world, the most frustrating part is not talking to the right prospect as we are having a hard time to reach them. Our highly experienced appointment setters will do the job of getting the right prospect, asking qualifying questions and booking solid appointments. Qualifying well will mean you only meet with potential buyers, not time wasters or people that do not have a need for your products or services.
Two actions to qualify your prospect
To ask effective cold calling questions, and qualify the prospect as a potential customer, you need to take two actions:
  1. Have a definition of what qualifies a cold prospect as a potential customer.
  2. Then you need a list of information you need to know, from the prospect, which will tell you if they could become a customer.
Every single lead we convey has agreed to some form of appointment with you or your sales representatives.