Management Team

MICHELLE LOPEZ, Executive Assistant/Purchasing and Administrative Manager

She spends most of her waking hours on the job by enhancing executive's effectiveness and providing information, management support, representing executive to others. She is also the head of Procurement and Admin. She oversees the acquisition of materials needed for operation, general supplies for offices & facilities, equipments or construction contracts. She also takes charge of overseeing centralized operations that meets the need of multiple departments such as materials scheduling and distribution, printing and reproduction, records management, telecommunications management, security, recycling, wellness, and transportation services. She also ensures that contracts, insurance requirements, and government regulations and safety standards are followed and up to date.


12 years in the Call Center Industry, she is the Internal Consultant and Information Coordinator of our organization, she enables and evaluates the identification for skill development needs for the future, advising on staff development methods and best practices, and evaluating and improving the bottom line effectiveness of the organization's training and development effort. She is also the head of Human Resources and she maintains, enhances the organization's human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.

DIEGO CACHERO, Sales Operations Manager - Int'l Inbound Accounts

With a broad degree of creativity and latitude as expected of an Inbound Operations Manager, his wide familiarity in all aspects of incoming call center operations provides the organization an upper hand in developing quotas for service volume and timeliness. A dynamic leader, he is apt in recommending solutions to improve processes and increase profitability.

JOEL BRAVO, Sales Operations Manager - International UK Accounts

Through exceptional execution and leadership abilities, he provides the organization operational headship to our key international accounts for a leading Market and Consumer Research Company in the UK. With his extensive experience in call center management, strategic and tactical account management and client relationship management, his oversight of operational execution meets client metric targets.

LUDOVINA ADRE, Sales Operations Manager - International US Accounts

"Walks the walk and not just talks the talk", simply means that whatever she expects from her team she does the same. Working in behalf of two leading Telemarketing Companies in the US by generating sales leads, her self-managed leadership principles and processes improves sales performance thereby achieving the desired profitability.

JAYSON RAY SAN PEDRO, Business Development Manager - International

The Builder of Business Opportunities who builds market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating and closing business relationships. He locates or proposes potential business deals by contacting potential partners, discovering and exploring opportunities in international market. He is a dedicated customer oriented manager with strong capabilities in forming and implementing innovative and creative strategies, and dedicated to the principle of continuous improvement.

AVA ASERON, Quality Assurance and Training Manager

The "Guardian" of client interests, our quality assurance manager is highly qualified with broad experience in the field. She leads the implementation, development and maintenance of the organizations quality system policies. Performance driven with "customer-focus" vision, she has spread best practices by organizing sessions and sharing competencies by imparting the best "way of thinking", to consistently provide an outstanding customer experience.

JERELYN GUEVARA, Business Development Manager - Local

Strategic Thinker who doesn't fear responsibility, she takes pleasure in providing clients the "big-picture approach" to the entire business model of a company to create new business procedures that will improve processes and increase revenue. She has a broad and solid understanding of the contact services outsourcing needs of the local business industry and optimizes business from existing accounts and penetrates new local account opportunities.

SHERILYN ANICETO, Sales Operations Manager - Local Inbound Accounts

A "Visionary Leader", she achieves results by stretching limits, challenging others to stretch theirs and building bridges to success by obtaining higher levels of performance from the team and creates a work environment geared to high achievement through alignment of action and people. Her commitment to build trust results in positive employee morale, team spirit, improved output and sense of direction.

JONALY DULCE, Finance Manager

The Skilled Technician and Guardian of the company's financial health, she puts forward strategies to make better the company's financial strength. Her role is more than simply accounting, it is multifunctional. She understands all aspects of the business to adequately give financial advice and support to colleagues and clients, thus enabling the organization to make sound business decisions and ensure growth and profitability.


Result focus, our IT Manager oversees the administration and maintenance of the company's infrastructure, through Project Management, Server Administration, IT Compliance, Security, and Application Development. Crucial to operations his foresight makes viable business opportunities a realistic possibility for our vision's success.